LASE: Language Structure Explorer

All of the world's languages have an adherence to grammars — sets of morpho-syntactic rules specifying how to create sentences in the language. Hence, an important step in the understanding and documentation of languages is the creation of a grammar sketch, a concise and human-readabled escription of the unique characteristics of that particular language.

LASE is a tool for exploring language structure and provides an automated framework for extracting a first-pass grammatical specification from raw text in a concise, human-and machine-readable format.

We apply our framework to all languages of the Surface-Syntactic Universal Dependencies project .

Here are the languages (and treebanks) we currently support.

Linguistic analysis based on automatically parsed syntactic analysis

ISOLanguageTreebankLinguistic Analysis
br Breton KEB
  • Agreement
  • bxr Buryat BDT
  • Agreement
  • fo Faroese OFT
  • Agreement
  • tl Tagalog TRG
  • Agreement
  • cy Welsh CCG
  • Agreement